What is CFD (Contracts for Difference)? of Forex Trading Money

Contracts for Difference or CFDs (derived from the English term “Contracts for Difference) are becoming more popular every day. The growing popularity of the service is explained as follows:

The possibility of taking a short position. Contracts for Difference suit bassists investors who prefer to take short positions. Previously, only professional investors could exploit. Appearing Service Contracts for Difference, the process of taking any short position is more comfortable and efficient for an investor. Contracts for the implementation gap is easier, compared to the same transaction for shares.

There is no commission and there are low demands on the sidelines. You can conduct a transaction, if not the total value of the contract at his disposal. You only need to deposit a corresponding percentage, only a fraction of the value of the contract, known as margin, which is normally between 5 and 10%. This way you can invest in the portfolio of shares, without having to deposit funds or immobilize large.

Market prices. You get quotes from competitive market with the spread and do their transactions for the same price as the stock market professionals.

Implementation quickly. Your transactions will be executed immediately, without delay.

Markets. You can now negotiate with shares listed on the Dow Jones, renowned and future. The selection of instruments can be changed by the Company, at its discretion.

Size of the Contract. The minimum size is 0.1 lot = 10 shares. In this case the margin is equivalent to USD10-150 (depends on the share price). The minimum margin for a contract in U.S. Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores in the U.S.) was about $ 35-70 (depending on the prices valid from February 2003).

Hedging (hedging strategies). If you are a holder of securities and does not want to sell their shares, even if the price falls to them, you can open a short position on CFD on any action (or the entire portfolio). As a result your losses on the underlying asset will be offset by profits in CFD relevant.

A Contract for Difference is an agreement to change the difference between the opening and closing price of the position under contract for various financial instruments.