Trading Forex with IamFX of Forex Trading Money

Nowadays, the trading foreign exchange (forex) is one of popular ways of reaching success instantly. There are many people who are expecting of being rich from this business. Moreover, they are willing to spend much money to start this business. However, not all traders gain much money.

There are also many people who get disadvantages from trading forex. There are many reasons that lead them into losing much money. One of the reasons is because of their carelessness in choosing the forex broker. As we know, there are many forex brokers, but we cannot entrust all of them. One of qualified forex broker is IamFX.

The IamFX is a Foreign Exchange liquidity provider that offers a wide range of trading technologies and services. Its position as a liquidity provider allows the clients to take advantage of transparent real-time pricing. This advantage has enabled IamFX to create a unique Forex Trading environment that offers individual traders the same STP (Straight Through Processing) liquidity, execution and trading functionality demanded by interbank traders.

The IamFX has a position as a “STP” provider. It allows you the client to take advantage of the many benefits to trading with a Non-dealing desk model. Besides an “STP” firm such as IamFX offers complete transparency, superior execution, and anonymity.

This liquidity is made possible as a result of Direct and Competitive market “Bids and Offers” allowing client orders to be executed automatically and immediately through our Market network. This also allows the clients for a trading environment with no re-quotes and no bias against any trader or trading system icluding automatd systems which includes scalping.

Moreover, STP is the means by which a Forex broker sends client orders directly to liquidity providers. This forex broker works with some of the largest liquidity providers in the world, such as Deutsche Bank. In fact, the traders have access to a true market and execute trades without any dealer intervention makes a platform STP.

You will have many benefits to trading with a non-dealing desk Forex broker like IamFX, utilizing STP execution. As its clients, you will receive complete transparency, superior execution, and anonymity. Then, this is a result of direct and competitive market bids and offers, allowing client orders to be executed automatically, and immediately through our market network.

IamFX provides the best service for the clients with a trading environment with no re-quotes, and no bias against any trader or trading system icluding scalping automatd systems.

IamFX offers you some benefits. Here you can trade Forex, CFDs and Metals from One Trading Account. The Straight Through Processing or Direct Market Access to Bank Liquidity is one excellence of IamFX. There is Real RAW spread offer on MT4 so that you get real low interbank spreads.

IamFX also does not charge any compensation by increasing the spread (Bid/Ask difference) like other brokers. IamFX only gets compensation on side commission. Here the trading Accounts in 6 Base Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, HKD. There is no dealing execution and no re-quotes or re-pricing.

There are also full hedging capabilities. IamFX also allows you to trade by mobile trading. You can access its MT4 via any Internet-enabled wireless device, including our MetaTrader for IPhone application.