Is it true that all Metatrader and Retail Brokers are Scammer? of Forex Trading Money

I agree that per definition all retail brokers are scammers. But that’s per definition only.

We, people who have less than $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) are considered as retail traders. And we are only allowed to trade using retail brokers. We are not allowed to trade in institutional broker. If all retail brokers are scammers, then we are all doomed.

In fact, there are people who have been living comfortable by trading full time, and their account size is nowhere near 10 millions.

I also don’t think that ECN brokers are also doing this. ECN gains no profit / loss by playing with our account. What ECN wants is that you trade more lots. Of course there is a case that if you are counted as 1 of the people with the biggest profit, then the ECN will let the market marker play with your account. But, I think that is your fault also. Why? Because in a big and reputable ecn brokers, there are many successful trader, so your account is not sticking their eyes. If you are choosing a small ecn broker, that is your problem and your fault imho.

What I find true, is that all small traders have the highest risk in this industry. If you are investing, but not trading, in this market, you could survive. If you are trading, you have less chance to survive.

e.g. You are a scalper, you take profit for 10 pips and your stop loss is 7 pips. Because you are successful scalper then your broker is playing with you. They play with slippage between 3 - 5 pips. Your 10 pips take profit become 5 pips profit, and your stop loss become 12 pips stop loss. In some of the EAs here, the TP is 5 pips and SL is 35 pips. After the slippage, the TP would be 0 pip and the SL would be 40 pips. Imho, you’re lost and doomed.

e.g. You are a long term investor, your take profit is 400 pips and your stop loss is 100 pips. Because you are a successful investor, the broker is playing the slippage card, between 5 - 7 pips (of course if the slippage is too large and you still use that broker, then you should move. If not, that’s your fault). Your take profit become 393 pips and your stop loss become 107 pips. Imho, you still win.

That is why, I try to avoid any kind of scalping trading system or EA. I don’t even want to test them. I don’t even download them, it’s a waste of disk space. If it has a good indicator, I’ll download, but I’ll never use the system / EA. Imho, scalpers are at the lowest of the food chain and should really take good care of oneself.

In fact, there are many scalpers who would argue with me about this matter. So, to state that all retail brokers are scammers, is not appropriate IMHO.

After all if all retail brokers are scammers, where should we trade?