10 ways anyone can earn more

This year we’re finally going to do it: save money, pay off debt, and get the big purchases we’ve been putting off.
But where are we going to find the money to do all these things? What if we can’t find the money to make our financial decisions?

If there’s no new job or a raise on the horizon, there are still ways to earn some extra money without a lot of time or effort. Whether you’re selling things or looking for a side job, you can earn extra income that helps you stick to your financial decisions.

Here are some of our favorite options that anyone can take advantage of:

1. Shop

Yes, you can earn money by spending money.

Cashback portals like the following offer money when shopping online and sometimes in stores:

To learn more about them, check out 3 Websites That Pay You to Shop.

I’ve been using Rakuten – formerly known as Ebates – for years, and if you don’t use this cashback portal or something similar when shopping online, you’re wasting money.

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2. Use your phone

You pay a lot for your smartphone, so why not let him get it? There are many ways your phone can make money.

For example, but not limited to:

HealthyWage will pay you to achieve your weight loss goals.
TaskRabbit helps you find tasks people need to do to earn cash fast.
Ibotta lets you earn cash from in-store and online purchases.

3. Watch, play or take surveys

If you have time to sit and watch TV, you have time to watch Swagbucks. This rewards program allows you to earn gift cards or cash simply by doing online activities that you may already be doing, including:

Search the Web
Online shopping
Watch video
playing games
Reply to survey
For more details, see “6 Ways to Get Free Gift Cards and Money in One Place.”

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4. Work from home

Whether you want to completely change your career or have a little time outside your full-time job, there are several legitimate work from home opportunities. You can find them with specialized job websites like FlexJobs.com, which review and publish opportunities for remote work as well as part-time and freelance work.

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I’m so grateful to have worked from home as a freelance journalist – maybe that’s your future too. Fiverr is one of the options for providing freelance work services.

5. Use your skills

Can you repair computers, televisions and tablets? Are you proficient in Microsoft Office? Can you teach someone how to play the piano or guitar?

Earn extra cash doing something you already know how to do. There are always people looking for someone to fix something or teach them something. Test the situation by creating an ad on Craigslist or in the community newsletter.

6. Rent your things

You can rent out your car or house for extra money.

Sites like Turo help you rent a car for a few hours or a few days. For more details, see “How To Make Extra Money From Your Car Rental.”

You can make a lot of money as soon as you open the door. Vacation rental sites like these will help you rent out a room, an entire house, or even an RV:

7. Sell your old stuff

You will immediately feel better once you set up your home. Not only will you get rid of the clutter, but you’ll also earn some extra cash doing it.

One way you can try is the yard sale. If it takes a lot of time or effort, you can try selling locally online. I use the OfferUp app constantly to sell stuff to people all over town.

8. Sell your new item

If you love to design, create and create your own art, crafts and merchandise, you can make some extra money selling your amazing work. Showcase your creations at local craft fairs or online marketplaces as described in “4 Ways Creative People Can Make Money Online”.

9. Sit down

Offer to take care of other people’s homes when they leave town. Rover is best known for connecting pet sitters with people who need pet care, but also for connecting pet sitters with people who need home care.

If you prefer to walk your dog, Rover can do that tooI’m helping.

If you love kids and have extra time, take care of your friends and neighbors. You can earn a few extra bucks to watch the kids for a few hours or even pick them up from school. Care.com is one place to find such shows.

10. Do manual work

In winter, you can get paid to shovel snow. In the summer, you can get paid to mow the lawn. Male and female workers are always needed.

Depending on your skills and physical condition, you may be paid to paint, assemble furniture, help people move or clean swimming pools. The options for manual work are endless.

Tacks are a good place to find such work.